ASTERION ARTS is an independent production company for human created genre films.

Founded by Nick Dragon in Los Angeles, California,

we make short and feature films with a unique, sometimes twisted vision.

From time to time, we win awards.

ASTERION ARTS also provides production and post-production services and consultations to filmmakers with limited budgets.

Producer NICK DRAGON started skulking the streets of Los Angeles when it was nothing but tar pits and hippies.

He writes, directs, shoots and edits narrative film, and has a fondness for weird and surreal parables.

His genre influences range from FW Murnau to Rod Serling to Roger Corman to David Lynch.

He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. He likes pie and vaccines.

Want to turn your cinematic dreams into reality? We've been there. Asterion Arts can make it happen.