Asterion Arts has provided production services to other companies and independent filmmakers, including the following: 


An independent, feature-length, absurdist thriller by Vorpal Properties.

Written and Produced by Jay McDonough. Directed by Jay McDonough  and Nick Dragon.

Found footage reveals a struggling actor striving to determine what is real and what isn’t while juggling the demands of his work and love lives. Investigators faced with troubling signs of potential danger to the homeland—and perhaps the world—seek to separate truth from fiction. Does a 19th century prophecy hold the key to understanding these mysterious events? 

Apocalyptic danger meets the theater of the absurd!

Stars Jay McDonough, Kristine Kay Larsen, and Katrina Gaedcke

Asterion Arts is providing casting, directing, production and post-production services.


Starring Kristine Kay Larsen

Starring Jay McDonough 

Starring Katrina Gaedcke

A feature length horror/comedy. Written, produced, and directed by Tim Lee, VampRock Productions. 

Dracula and his blood-thirsty witches turn LA beaches into his killing zone as he stalks and seduces his Bride of Horror through psychological and supernatural terrorism. Will she have the strength of will to resist his hypnotic power, or will she join him as Queen of the Undead? 

Distributed through Cubestream and Screamtime Films

Asterion Arts assisted in production, casting, camera, post-production, and distribution.