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NICK DRAGON is an experienced writer, director, producer, cinematographer, post-production coordinator, and editor. He's helped complete numerous low-budget short and feature films. He knows how to get the job done!

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 "I've worked on several projects with Nick. He's always been thorough, professional, efficient, and great at problem solving. Nick doesn't stop until he figures out a way to get the problem solved or the project done. I would definitely work with him again and recommend him for anyone else considering making him a part of their team. "  DILLON WILSON - PRODUCER - TNL PRODUCTIONS 

      "Nick is phenomenal - truly a pleasure to work with. Not only is he a superb editor, he also did a great job directing several pivotal scenes in the film. His work as a director benefited from his ability to coax excellent performances from the actors and his keen eye in helping the DP select camera angles. As an editor, he has a great feel for pacing, transitions and evaluating scenes to help determine what to keep in and what to leave out. "   Jay McDonough  - PRODUCER - VORPAL PROPERTIES

      "I have worked with Nick Dragon on many filmmaking projects – ranging from short films to a web series to a feature-length anthology. In each scenario, Nick is one of the most capable and humble filmmakers I’ve worked with. He constantly takes care of the people on his sets, making sure they have everything they need – even if it’s the jacket off his back when an actor is cold during a night shoot."  LACEY RAE - ACTRESS/PRODUCER

     "Nick knows how to get shit done, quickly and collaboratively."  HOLLY SORIANO - FILMMAKER

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